Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Game Show Grrrrrrrs

Top 5 things that get on our nerves about game shows (though we really like game shows at our house!):

5- Enough with the drawn-out drama, not to mention the utter greed!

4- Eeewwwww…I can’t stand even thinking about all the germ sharing!

3- I just can’t believe all those people miss that many easy questions!

2- Alfonso just has to be animated, whether the answer is right or wrong - “AND YOU ARE!!!…..INCORRECT!”

and the number one things that gets on our nerves about game shows is…….

1- Must the audience read each answer on the board out loud, including any “slash” and “comma” symbols?!

All that said, we still like and watch GSN regularly, we just have to roll our eyes every now and then…thanks for the laughs, gamers!

Laughing, LG

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