Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Price of Abuse

Okay, okay, this post is not as serious and philosophical as it sounds, at all. I’m talking about being yelled at when you’re a customer!
These restaurants and others like them are fine establishments, lot of good fun and great food. However, I tend to avoid them because – call me crazy, when I’m a paying customer of a business, I don’t enjoy having its employees scream at me, hurry me, and harrass me in general.
How bout y’all? I know some folks really enjoy that type of thing. Am I missing something? Probably, I can be a little dense on a regular basis.
Laughing, LG

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Crazy Busy (by Choice)

Moms are busy today, right?! Extremely busy, crazy busy! You can hear a mom complaining about how busy she is just about anywhere you go. Get one to soccer, another to cello lessons, bake 8 dozen brownies for the teacher’s meeting, fix dinner, help a child construct a volcano, etc, etc, etc. It’s even in their Facebook statuses (stati?).
But you know what? Moms have always been busy. It’s the nature of being a mother (or father, for that matter). So, if it’s normal to be busy, why complain about it? It’s just life as a parent.
Another thing, most of these moms are busy because they keep saying yes to every opportunity or need that arises. You don’t have to do that!!!! Saying no is just fine!!! What are you trying to prove? If you overextend, everyone suffers for it.I had a friend a few years back (who I guess is too busy for me now) who, when you asked her how she was doing, never failed to answer, “Life is just crazy. It’s just crazy busy over here!” And, I’ll confess, I got really tired of hearing that. It seemed to imply that she was busier than me, than everyone else. And just because I don’t rant about my busy-ness doesn’t  mean I’m not busy! It means I don’t waste time and energy talking about being busy because I’d rather use that time and energy toward getting things done!
In one lone, inexplicable moment of wisdom when I was expecting our first child, my husband and I agreed that our kids would only do 1 extra-curricular activity at a time, plus school and church. With a very few overlapping seasons-type exceptions, we have stuck to that pledge. And, our family life runs fairly smoothly. We spend lots of time together and we like it that way.
You may wonder if my children have suffered because of this limitation? Well, they’re certainly not perfect, but all three are doing quite well in school (so far), play instruments, love sports and attend church regularly. They all have a nice group of friends and they seem to be happy and well-adjusted. So, we’re not going to mess with that!
This decision has saved our family time, energy, and lots and lots of money. Not to say this approach is for everyone, but it works well for us!
Here ends my rant on the busy, busy, busy moms of today. Thanks for listening!
Laughing, LG

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Constant Competition

Are you competitive? The world sure is! Some people are competitive over everything – even weird things like:
You’re sick? Well, let me tell you about what I had a couple weeks ago – I was much sicker!
You paid how much for your property taxes? You don’t know anything! Mine were much, much more!
You say little Jimmy had 2 hours of homework last night? Well, my Stuart worked on his from 5pm until 1am in the morning!

Now, why, I ask you, would anyone want to be sicker, owe more money or have a child with burdensome amounts of homework? Why? Because, in their mind, that’s winning!!! It’s a crazy world we live in.
Let me go on record as saying I would like to be less sick, owe less money and for my kids to have less homework! I’m fine with “losing” in these areas – ha!
Laughing, Lollie Gagger

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Miserable

I used to waste more of my time being judgmental of others. Why, I don’t know. It was stupid and it didn’t contribute anything positive to the world or my life! In fact, it just made my world smaller and my emotions more stressful!
Seems everywhere you go, someone is pronouncing their grand opinion on how someone else is handling this, that or the other in his life. First off, did anyone ask them? Secondly, from where does their authority come?  Third, so what? And lastly, booooorrrrring.

Eventually, I came to figure out I had enough of my own problems and challenges to spend one iota of time worrying about determining what another person should do about theirs. Why can’t all these judging people just go on and do their own thing?!
Oh. my. goodness. I just realized that I have used this post to judge the judgmental people! Arrrrggghhhh! I’m going to keep to myself now…
Laughing, Lollie Gagger

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Joy on the Job

Have you noticed the huge difference it makes when you encounter a positive store or restaurant employee versus a cranky, uncaring one?! Wow! It affects my whole experience and my feelings about the establishment in general. Maybe it shouldn’t, but it does!

It reminds me how important our attitude in life really is. It not only affects us, but so many other people! And my thought is always, why not be in a good mood and have fun?! Acting cranky just bums you out and that’s not enjoyable!
How do you handle your moods? I’ll take any and all ideas for staying upbeat!!! Thanks for reading!
Laughing, Lollie Gagger

Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Buzz

Okay, I can't stand it. The men in our family are really into the FIFA World Cup 2010 right now, and rightly so. Soccer (Futbol) is awesome, exciting and the Cup only comes around every 4 years. So, we start watching the first game yesterday and I begin to notice this horrible buzzing sound. Sounds like a huge horde of bees is ready to attack the ballers. I ask my kids about it. The younger two say it's the band that plays at the games and I'm thinking, "Do they only know how to play one note?" Then, my oldest tells me it is the sound of horns the fans blow....and blow...and blow. Not kidding, the whole game they blow them. my brain is on permanent buzz. And did I mention the World Cup lasts about one month?! Mercy.
Laughing, LG

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top 10 Great Things about People!

Hey, y’all know I’m usually bemoaning some crazy unusual stunt that random morons eccentric folks are pulling. My jaded nature cannot be contained!

But, honestly, I do love so many things about people in general! So, today I’m going to be a Positive Priscilla and count down my top 10:

10-People are so entertaining!

9-People teach me something new every day.

8-People are creative and inspire me!

7-People are all God’s children.

6-People make life more interesting than fiction!

5-People are beautiful – all ages, sizes and colors.

4-People make me see things in new ways.

3-People are wise.

2-People can be simple, which can be profound.

And my Number 1 Great Thing about People today is….

1-People make me laugh, and that’s one of my very favorite things to do!

So, thanks people of the world!! Even though I get frustrated with you sometimes, I can always see beyond that to you true greatness!!

Laughing and Appreciating! Lollie Gagger

Sunday, May 30, 2010

It’s All About Them

Seems there’s an epidemic of “all about me” behavior lately. I have to aggressively fight it myself! But, it really is unattractive in a person.

You know, the person who always relates every story you tell or comment you make to something that happened to them. They call it “relating” and I call it “rude.”

The guy whose experiences are always much better (or worse) than you own. He just can’t let you have one iota of the spotlight, right?!

It just makes me want to clam up and crawl under a hole. They wouldn’t notice anyway…

Still, I am thankful God shows us things in others that bug us educate us in what we may need to improve in ourselves. Here’s to you, awesome rant reader!

Laughing, LG

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sound Off! Another Noise Pollution Post

I've found myself a member of many audiences lately due to what time of the school year it is: dance productions, bball games, award ceremonies, graduations, etc. And glad to be there! That is, unless I have a champion noise polluter sitting behind me!

I know folks are excited for their child’s accomplishments, I am too! I just wonder and wonder and wonder at people who don’t seem to connect what they do (ex. whistle through their fingers loud enough to shatter glass right in my ear) with the thought that it may affect me/others in some way!

Granted, I am much more sensitive now due to my Meniere’s Disease and migraine propensity. But, I’m pretty tolerant, hey I have 3 kids. I’m talking about the completely unnecessary applause so snap, crackle, pop handbones may break. (related incident: a man even clapped me in the head he was being so enthusiastic the other day!) The woot-woots so shrill the wooter won’t have a voice the next day. And once in a while is okay, but every. single. time. anyone. does. anything. Seriously, did someone appoint this person the head cheerleader in charge?!

Rant, rant, rant…y’all won’t believe me when I say I’m actually a very happy, cheerful person. My momma raised a suthun lady, so I am pretty good at covering my utter and complete irritation (most of the time). I may be smiling while you’re abrading my eardrum, but I’m seething silently but scarily inside.

Laughing (quietly and politely), LG

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Video Spotlight: Big Payback!

Okay, this clip made it to Must We? because I am just amazed at how they find the fanciest of folks to interview for the news. But, truth be told, I kind of admire the guy for, as he says, "keepin' it real" and holding his wife accountable for her actions. Of course, I feel sorry for him as well. Here's to hoping life starts treating him better soon!

Laughing, LG