Thursday, April 8, 2010


Have you noticed how L-O-U-D people seem to be lately?  It often seems people are practically screaming what they’re saying, even if only 2-3 feet away from you!  I don’t get it.  Is this yet another attempt to get attention for the speaker?
Now, I get migraines easily, so maybe I am extra-sensitive.  Having said that, what about that old conversational give-and-take, waiting your turn to speak, etc.?  Sometimes, even the person sitting next to me seems to be yelling right in my ear.  I find myself physically shrinking away from many people.
In addition to loud talking, the same people also tend to punctuate their speaking with eardrum-piercing shrieks of laughter.  I guess all this is why I am enjoying time on my own more and more… It’s a loud world out there, folks, keep those ear plugs on hand at all times!
Laughing (quietly), Lollie Gagger

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  1. Cell Yell! One of my biggest pet peeves. My mom is the queen of Cell Yell!