Thursday, July 15, 2010

The Price of Abuse

Okay, okay, this post is not as serious and philosophical as it sounds, at all. I’m talking about being yelled at when you’re a customer!
These restaurants and others like them are fine establishments, lot of good fun and great food. However, I tend to avoid them because – call me crazy, when I’m a paying customer of a business, I don’t enjoy having its employees scream at me, hurry me, and harrass me in general.
How bout y’all? I know some folks really enjoy that type of thing. Am I missing something? Probably, I can be a little dense on a regular basis.
Laughing, LG


  1. keep up the good work!

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  3. hahahaha this is a HUGE rant of mine. I try to serve them with a smile even when I'm the customer... where I come from the customer is always right!!

    And, ugh. migraine pain is the worst (just saw your comment on my blog). Those are the days when it's hardest for me to make the next good choice for sure. I'll be praying for many more pain free days very, very soon.