Tuesday, February 16, 2010


You know, I have a great family! Perfect, no, but pretty darn wonderful.  At least, that's my opinion.  But do I think anyone else wants to hear that constantly (or at all?) - let me scream a resounding "NOOOOOO!"

I've been on Facebook about a year and one of my biggest pet peeves on FB (and in real life, for that matter) is when people feel they must share on a regular basis how very blessed they are and how their children all made straight As and their husband is just the hottest, most talented man evah!  Talk about wanting attention. Geesh, folks, make me gag already. 

I've noticed, in particular, that many Christians seem to think, if they couch their blatant bragging in terms of how good God is and how much He has blessed them, then it makes it okay to boast. 

I am a Christian.  I am no Bible expert (though I think there is a verse that warns against boastfulness!).  I am highly imperfect.  And I am blessed anyway, because God loves me - definitely not because I deserve it.  But, that's between me and God.  It's not for me to use to publicly slobber over how fantastic my life is going.  Now, if someone asks me about my Christian "journey," I am happy to talk with them and give God all the credit, because I really do give Him all the credit.  But, I think it's a big TURN-OFF to push your blessings in others' faces.  I fully realize that many may not agree with my viewpoint.  But, it's my "ranting" blog and this is where I stand!

There, I've said my piece.

Laughing, Lollie Gagger

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