Friday, February 19, 2010

Movie Musing

Have you ever noticed  that when you are seated in a movie theater waiting for the movie to begin how people enter, look around for a seat, then come and sit near you (even though there are plenty of open areas!)?

I know it's a small thing, but, ever since I was a kid, when I entered a theater, I always looked for an empty area to sit in (how many commas could I use in that sentence!?).  It just seemed natural to me for the audience to spread out, giving each other space.  And since I was a kid, I have observed how the majority of audience members seem to always gravitate toward sitting near other patrons.  I wonder...WHY?  Is this more of the "sheep mentality?"  Are they thinking, "Those people are sitting there, so that must be the right place to sit?" Hmmm...this stumps me!

Good thing I only go to the "real" theater about once a year, since it costs us about $80 to go to a matinee!  I guess I could call that "irritation minimization therapy!"

Laughing, Lollie Gagger

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