Friday, February 26, 2010


Enough!  If you're going to take your kids out in public, could you please remember they belong to you and not leave the parenting to random strangers?  Many parents do a great job managing their brood while out in public, making sure they are not annoying others.  But, there are those... I guess they must think their child and all his/her quirks are totally charming and that other people are just lucky enough to get to enjoy them...who let 'em loose and wash their hands of trying to keep them in line!

Yesterday, I was out to lunch.  Three ladies sat at the next table.  The restaurant was crowded.  A little boy of about 6 years old was running wild, back and forth across the dining area, yelling, singing, whatever occurred to him to do.  It was only when he finally stopped at the next table (the one with the three ladies) and announced (LOUDLY), "Somebody needs to take me to the potty!!!" that I realized he belonged to them.  Of course, they all just laughed and thought that was too cute and his mom (?) drug herself up, sighed loudly, and said, "Let's go to the potty..hahaha."  People, I'm eating.  I don't like potty talk while I eat!

That is but one tiny example of what goes on out there with people and their offspring.  Another maddening experience was the time my husband, my kids and I attended a party on a lake.  We went out back with our kids and took them down to the edge of the yard to look at the water.  There was a 3-foot drop off at the edge of the yard.  All the sudden, we were joined by about 10-11 other kids right at the edge of the drop-off.  Where were their parents?  Why, they were inside the lake house enjoying themselves socializing.  I assumed they would be out within a couple minutes to protect their kids from drowning.  But, no, 10 minutes, 20, 30 went by and my hubby and I were still watching over 10 preschool age kids at the edge of the lake!!! Boy, I was mad and we did not want that responsibility.  Eventually, I went in (my husband stayed with the kids) and told our hostess (loudly) that we had to leave the party and the parents of those kids better go outside and watch them!  By the way, we didn't even know ANY of these parents/kids, we only knew the host and hostess.  They were entrusing their children's lives to perfect strangers for no reason other than to chat and not be bothered by their kids.

I just don't get it.  Watch your children, people, they are precious blessings!!!  When you're a parent, you don't get to come first anymore!

Laughing (somewhat), Lollie Gagger

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