Thursday, March 25, 2010


Parking lots are scary places!  It seems some drivers think the road rules don't apply.  But, actually, those rules should be observed the same as on the road, if not more so!
Just a couple days ago, I had parked a few spaces down from a store.  I had stepped out from my van into the parking row. I always stay very close to the parked cars and never get out in the driving part of the row.  I had just walked a couple steps when a huge silver Suburban came wheeling in.  The driver swung wide (toward me!) in order to turn into a tight parking spot.  The SUV literally came within a few inches of me and the woman driving never even saw me!  If the vehicle had struck me, it would not have been a light bump as she was driving too fast for a parking lot anyway.  It would have been catastrophic.  I was so shaken I had chest pains for the rest of the day from the scare!  

I numbly went on into the store and was looking at something near the front when the SUV driver came bouncing in, marched up to the checkout counter and proclaimed loudly, "I'm back for my (whatever)."  So, she was in a hurry because she had to get into the store to pick up an item that had on hold for her?!  That was certainly worth almost mowing down a mom of 3!  I am a very non-confrontational person (which is probably why I vent on this blog!), but I seriously thought about politely approaching the woman just to let her know what had occurred in the parking lot.  Not to be mean, just to make sure she knew so she could be more careful.  I probably should've, but my darn Southern manners held me back - ha!

I guess the moral of the story is, we should all be much more careful when driving in parking lots!  All kinds of pedestrians are there - the elderly who may not be able to walk rapidly, little toddlers who get away from their parents, texting teens, etc.  So, let's go a little slower and watch for those walkers out there!  Boy, I'm glad I'm here to write this post!!  Have a great day!

Laughing (sort of : / !), Lollie Gagger

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