Thursday, March 18, 2010


Have you ever been in a store where there was a screaming baby/child, where the crying goes on and on and on, no matter where you venture in the store?  I know there are sometimes extenuating circumstances.  I know moms want to teach their kids that crying is not going to get them what they want.  Some moms feel, if the child is crying for something, they will not only not get them what they want, they'll also ignore their crying and continue doing their shopping.  They won't let the child's "misbehavior" affect their shopping trip.  I get this, BUT, what about all the thousands of ears and millions of nerves of the other shoppers?!?!?!?!?!?  Yes, I agree with consistent parenting and not giving into demands, but come on!  There is such a thing as being considerate of the rest of the people around when you're in a public place.  The parent could come up with another punishment or leave the store until the child is calm.  In fact, maybe something is wrong with the child (tired, hungry, etc) and he/she is being pushed beyond their limits!!!  How your treat your kid and others is more important than shopping the sales!  Okay, off my soapbox now...

Laughing, Lollie Gagger

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  1. Hi Laurie! I just found you from Debbiedoos, as I saw you live in Cola too. I've already added your Scene of the Grime to follow, but have just now found, Must We?. I have to say I love this blog and have been reading it happily this morning. I am basically a very happy person too but feel alot like you do in ALOT of these post. LOL! Especially this one! The last few weeks especially I have noticed this "crying" more and more! One day a family of 6, mom and dad, with four crying little ones just kept shopping TJ Maxx while the kids were going on and on. I felt like they were following me in the store. haha! I wanted to say, Come on, already! What can be so important to shop for here and now that you must make your kids miserable? They were in no hurry! I am going to follow this blog now it!