Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Sound Off! Another Noise Pollution Post

I've found myself a member of many audiences lately due to what time of the school year it is: dance productions, bball games, award ceremonies, graduations, etc. And glad to be there! That is, unless I have a champion noise polluter sitting behind me!

I know folks are excited for their child’s accomplishments, I am too! I just wonder and wonder and wonder at people who don’t seem to connect what they do (ex. whistle through their fingers loud enough to shatter glass right in my ear) with the thought that it may affect me/others in some way!

Granted, I am much more sensitive now due to my Meniere’s Disease and migraine propensity. But, I’m pretty tolerant, hey I have 3 kids. I’m talking about the completely unnecessary applause so snap, crackle, pop handbones may break. (related incident: a man even clapped me in the head he was being so enthusiastic the other day!) The woot-woots so shrill the wooter won’t have a voice the next day. And once in a while is okay, but every. single. time. anyone. does. anything. Seriously, did someone appoint this person the head cheerleader in charge?!

Rant, rant, rant…y’all won’t believe me when I say I’m actually a very happy, cheerful person. My momma raised a suthun lady, so I am pretty good at covering my utter and complete irritation (most of the time). I may be smiling while you’re abrading my eardrum, but I’m seething silently but scarily inside.

Laughing (quietly and politely), LG

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