Saturday, June 5, 2010

Top 10 Great Things about People!

Hey, y’all know I’m usually bemoaning some crazy unusual stunt that random morons eccentric folks are pulling. My jaded nature cannot be contained!

But, honestly, I do love so many things about people in general! So, today I’m going to be a Positive Priscilla and count down my top 10:

10-People are so entertaining!

9-People teach me something new every day.

8-People are creative and inspire me!

7-People are all God’s children.

6-People make life more interesting than fiction!

5-People are beautiful – all ages, sizes and colors.

4-People make me see things in new ways.

3-People are wise.

2-People can be simple, which can be profound.

And my Number 1 Great Thing about People today is….

1-People make me laugh, and that’s one of my very favorite things to do!

So, thanks people of the world!! Even though I get frustrated with you sometimes, I can always see beyond that to you true greatness!!

Laughing and Appreciating! Lollie Gagger


  1. Some really good thoughts on 'people' in general.

  2. Thanks for sharing...this is exactly what I needed to hear! You're right, people are good (I can be a Negative Nancy sometimes too :)

  3. What a lonely world we would have without other people, right? Roland